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Mental Health and Wellbeing


St Giles’ and St George’s Wellbeing Strategy

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Mental Health and Well-being have become an increasing priortiy and central focus within the school and the wider community. We have a number of different processes to help students who feel that they may need to talk to someone about their mental health or get the support for someone they are concerned about.

  • Parent concerns – if you have a concern about your child, another child or even yourself, you can speak to your child’s class teacher, Mrs Alcock, or email office@stgg.org.uk for further support.
  • Pupil drop in sessions are available with the school ELSA, Mrs Alcock.
  • Pupils can also approach any member of staff that they feel confident with, with any concerns.

As a school, we take all aspects of a young person’s well-being seriously but as well as contacting us to let us know your concerns we strongly recommend that you contact your GP to discuss any concerns that you may have about your young person.

We place great emphasis on the welfare of our school community and provide support, information and guidance to help everyone at our school feel happy. We also celebrate the diverse and inclusive nature of our school community.

Please see below for mental health & well-being information, signposting to local services and advice for parents:

Pupil Mental Health and Wellbeing ppt

What is ELSA?

Resource pack for parents

Action for Children

Every month we have a series of workshops available to support children and young people who have an open referral with the Action for Children’s emotional health and wellbeing service.Coming up soon we have the following workshops:

  • Managing Emotions – for young people aged 7-11 years & 12-18 years
  • Communicating with My Child for parents / carers
  • Communication with My Teenager for parents / carers
  • Anxiety, Autism & Neurodiversity for parents / carers

You can find full details of workshops available each month, including dates, times and how to book onto workshop on our website:https://www.staffordshire-ewb.actionforchildren.org.uk/workshops

Build Sound Minds

In addition to the wealth of information you can find on our Staffordshire emotional health and wellbeing website, we are also pleased to share with you Action for Children’s Build Sound Minds website, which has advice and activities to support children and parents with their mental health and emotional wellbeing. There is even a ‘live’ parenting service, where parents can talk on-line to a parenting practitioner!

Visit the Build Sound Minds website here: https://parents.actionforchildren.org.uk/mental- health-wellbeing/