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  Mrs Adams

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Our Hive Group Follows The Six Principles Of Nurture:

Children’s learning is understood developmentally.


The classroom offers a safe base.


Nurture is important for the development of well-being.


Language is a vital means of communication.


All behaviour is communication.


Transitions are significant in the lives of children.







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This half term the children in The Hive will learn about New beginnings as this is the start of the new school year which means the children have moved into new classes.

This topic covers skills including: Belonging, understanding feelings, understanding the feelings of others, social skills and making choices.

Children will take part in a range of activities which link to these areas.

Activities will include: Lego therapy, cooking skills, RHS gardening award, role play, art therapy, play dough therapy and a range of social games.

We will also teach the children how to use a range of  techniques which they could use in a range of different situations these may including calming strategies such as different types of breathing.

The children in The Hive have done an incredible job with growing their own vegetables and have been awarded the level 1 gardening schools award from the RHS.

This week they have harvested their crop of beetroots which you can see from the pictures below.

In the coming weeks we will be harvesting the carrots , broccoli’s and the all important pumpkins which have taken over their planter.

The children will also be going for the level 2 award, so watch this space.

This week in The hive the children have all be busy trying to decide a name for our bumble bee mascot and the winning name was chosen yesterday.

Please meet Honey the bumble bee!

We have now collected all the evidence needed for the RHS level 2 school gardening award and have put this forward to the awarding body so fingers crossed.

We hope we achieve this award as the children have done a fantastic job at growing and developing their garden area.

The year 6 children have been harvesting the carrots and the broccoli’s as they were ready now ready for eating and the children have taken them home to use.

We have now planted the daffodil blubs where the beetroots were ready for spring and we will be planting onions where the broccoli’s are and these will be ready late spring.


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