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Parental Questionnaire

Every year we ask for your views on what is going well at St Giles’ and St George’s C of E Academy and what we could do to improve things.

We use this information to help us make decisions about our school. We are really pleased to see that the majority of the feedback you give us indicates that you are really happy but we also endeavour to listen to all feedback and build on this year upon year.


Parental Questionnaire Summary Spring Term 2022

Parent Comments

I needed to send this message to show my appreciation of the well thought out day you have given my son and the other year 6 children, the thought and effort that went into today to make them feel proud was amazing, the memories will be remembered forever… I especially loved how the rest of the school was involved too, giving them keepsakes to cherish it was very heartwarming and personal.
Myself being a parent is finding it very strange and the realisation that I won’t be driving that route again like I have done for the past 9ish years has hit me harder than I thought it would.
Not only have I grown over these years but you have helped me with support to bring up and teach the 2 most important young men in my life to be who they are today, I’m so proud of them and what they have accomplished, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Keep doing what you do best and stay amazing, each and everyone of you will be missed.

Up to now, school has been fantastic, my twin boys have been recognised with SEN and the support the school give out is above and beyond expectations, from coffee mornings for parents at the school, to regular meetings, all of the teachers take there time out to speak to you as a parent after school if they can, and keep in regular contact via online services if it’s needed.. Every teacher from Nursery to year 1 and the headteacher I have found to all be amazing, I wouldn’t dream of putting my children in any other school, they’re thriving incredibly, I have a son currently in nursery and twins in year 1, I cannot give the school enough credit. Absolutely fantastic, senco is amazing, there teachers are incredible, outdoor playing areas are fantastic, and learning is generally fun for the children. Highly reccomend this school. The children are number 1 priority, the school have even offered support to surrounding community also which I find amazing. Thank you..

The most wonderful, kind, caring and professional staff!

What a beautiful leavers assembly, don’t think there was a dry eye in the school, thank you so much for all you’ve done, not only for mydaughter through the years, but all the children, its an amazing school ❤️