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Welcome to Year 2’s Home Learning Page!




To take at look at what our children have been up to at home, watch the video below.

To listen to a message from the Year 2 team, watch the video below.

Please contact us on the following email if you need any Year 2 member of staff:


This half term’s work will be online daily and will consist of activities around maths, English, phonics/spelling and topic. Each week’s topic will focus on one subject at a time.

Remember to carry on sending your photographs in of the work you have been doing. We love seeing them!

Mrs Barclay and Miss Bowers

Friday 22nd May


Answers (21.05.2020):



Complete the ‘Friday Challenge’ below. The most suitable questions for Year 2 are 1, 2 & 3. But why don’t you work with your family on the rest of the problems?


If you can’t print out the sheet,  you should be able to answer all questions in your workbooks.


Over the next week our work will be based around the poem ‘The Sound Collector’. Activities will involve comprehension, skills teaching and practise, culminating in writing some stanzas of your own.

Here is the link to the text:

The Sound Collector


Watch the video of Roger McGough performing his poem, ‘The Sound Collector’.


Today, we would like you to perform your version on the poem. To do this, you could: read your poem aloud like Roger McGough, create actions for your poem while someone else reads it, memorise your poem and recite it.

Don’t forget to send your performances to us, as we would love to see them!


Watch the short video below explaining the different sounds that the ‘-ed’ endings make.


Now, play the sorting game below to practise recognising -ed endings. 




It’s PE Friday! Have a go and the challenge cards below. Also, don’t forget that there are lots of others things that you can do to stay fit and healthy. You could:

  • play football

  • create your own obstacle course

  • go for a nature walk

  • do some yoga with Cosmic Kids (link below)

  • workout with Jump Start Jonny (link below).




Have a lovely half-term!

English skills support


T-L-4872-Adverbs-PowerPoint_ver_5 (1)


#Lesson Presentation expanded noun phrases

Other useful websites


Twinkl gives you free access to lessons and activities which cover the whole of the Year 2 curriculum. To set up a free account please use your own email along with the password: UKTWINKLHELPS


The Body Coach, Joe Wicks will be live streaming his own 30 minute PE lessons!


Username: STGG    Password: stgg3092

BrainPOP gives you free access to a range of online activities and games across the whole curriculum.



Continue with your online maths activities which have been assigned.


Continue to practise the times tables that you have been allocated.

Please also look out for ‘Numbots’. You can use your ttrockstars username and password and there should be a link on your ttrockstars page. Here you can practise your number facts.


This website has lots of good online maths games. A favourite is ‘Hit the Button’ to practise pairs to 10, 20, 100, times tables and halves and doubles.



Free to sign up. This website has a variety of free books to read at your child’s book band colour.


There are many images and video clips along with comprehension questions.


Provides a variety of texts along with comprehension questions.


A selection of decodeable comics to read, linked to your child’s Phonic ability. (Phese 5/6 aim for Year 2).


Free games to play to practise phonics and reading skills.

Username: march20     Password: home



There are many interesting images and viedeo clips, along with story starters to stimulate writing. There is also a list of writing opportunities to match each image.


Contains a picture of the day complete with story starters, questions and sentence starts.

Here are a list of Year 2 writing skills:

  • Variety of punctuation used correctly – full stops, capital letters , question and exclamation marks, commas in a list.
  • Expanded noun phrases (huge spider/huge, scary spider).
  • Good verb choices.
  • Adverbs with an ly ending – carefully, slowly.
  • Correct use of past or present tense.
  • Correct use of 1st or 3rd person.
  • Variety of conjunctions – and, because, so, but, while, when, yet.
  • Starting sentences in a variety of ways.
  • Exciting language choices.
  • Editing and improving own work.