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Directors Committee Membership

SEND and LAC link Director – Alex Nisbeck

Health and Safety link Director – Martin Alcock

Safeguarding Director – Amanada Roache

SIAMS link Directors – Rev Martin Ball, Rev Josh Penduck

Director Training and Development – Stacey Boreham


Meet the Directors

Martin Alcock – Chair Of Directors martin.alcock@stgg.org.uk 

Martin is a Parent Governor and Chair of the Directors Board.  Martin is the H and S link governor and also sits on the Finance and Health & Safety groups. Martin joined the governing body as a parent governor to help and support the school to achieve better outcomes for the children that attend.  Martin has two children that have attended the Academy, they have now left to join high schools.

Martin works as an Account Manager for Electrical Oil Services.

No business or pecuniary interests.

Helen Booth  helen.booth@stgg.org.uk 

Helen is a staff governor who teaches in KS2 and is Assistant Headteacher at St. Giles’ and St. George’s C of E Academy. Helen leads English, Support Staff, Care club, PSHE/SMSC and French across the school.

Business or pecuniary interests: Employee of St. Giles’ & St. George’s CE Academy

Rev Martin Ball  martin.ball@stgg.org.uk 

Martin is a Foundation Director and is a link Director for SIAMS as well as being a member of the  Finance group.  As a Foundation Governor he is linked to decisions and discussions within the context of the Christian Foundation of the  Academy.

No business or pecuniary interests.

Alex Nisbeck  alex.nisbeck@stgg.org.uk 

I love being involved with the school in this role as I am passionate about delivering the best outcomes for the children who come here. I have two children at the academy and have loved seeing them blossom as they attend this wonderful school.

I work in Public Health at Stoke City Council. The team I work for specialises in community development, public mental health and well- being and tackling loneliness and isolation across the city. I’m looking forward to transferring the skills, knowledge and experience I have from work and life and applying them here at the academy.

Alex is the link Governor for Special Needs and LAC


Emma Sale emma.sale@stgg.org.uk 

Emma is a non-teaching Director. She has been a Teaching Assistant at the Academy for over 15 years.

Business or pecuniary interests: Employee of St. Giles’ & St. George’s CE Academy

Emilio Lopez emilio.lopez@stgg.org.uk 

Emilio is a Parent Director and is the chair of the Finance committee. He currently has a children in Reception and  Year 5.

Amanda Roche amanda.roche@stgg.org.uk 

Amanda is a Foundation Governor and member of St Giles’ parish.

Stacey Boreham stacey.boreham@stgg.org.uk 

Stacey is a Foundation Governor. She a Senior leader in further education and a registered OFSTED inspector/

Robert Gradwell robert.gradwell@stgg.org.uk

Robert is a Foundation Governor. He has over 8 years experience working as a High School secondary school science teacher and head of year.


Meet the Members

Revd Peter Nisbeck (Member)

Peter is a member of the clergy team at St Giles’ Parish Church in Newcastle where he has been since 2006. He serves at St Giles in an unpaid capacity and represents the church on the Board of Governors. He is from Newcastle and attended local schools. He was a Social Worker and most of his career has been spent in Adult Social Services. His last post before retiring was at the Doulas Macmillan Hospice. He has a special interest in Safeguarding and was at one time the lead officer for Stoke Social Services Adult Protection Service. Peter is a musician and particularly loves to see and hear the music our children make. His grandson attends the school and he is so proud of all the achievements of the staff and pupils. Peter is link Governor for Safeguarding.

No business or pecuniary interests.

Charlotte Ashton (Member)

Charlotte is the Headteacher at All Saints C of E school in Ranton, Staffordshire. She has 20 years of educationla experience.

LDAT (Member)

Lichfield Diocesan Academy Trust maintains 1 members postion.

Martin Alcock (Member and Chair of Directors board)

Mrs Sheelagh Burton (Member)

Pecuniary Interest 2019 – 2020

Title Forename Surname Type Appointed

Term of


Mr Martin Alcock Member 21/03/2011 04/03/2023



Mr Peter Nisbeck Member 07/07/2009

 St. Giles Church




CECET Member






















Martin Alcock Chair of Trustees 04/03/2019 04/03/2023




Boreham Vice Chair of Trustees 19/03/2018 18/03/2022




Martin Ball Foundation Trustee 17/09/2015 St. George’s Church






Foundation Trustee

11/02/2019  11/02/2023 St. George’s Church
Miss Alex Nisbeck Trustee/Parent 15/10/2018 14/10/2022



Mr Emilio Lopez Trustee/Parent 15/10/2018 14/10/2022






Robert Gradwell Foundation Trustee 07/10/2019 06/10/2023
Mrs Catherine Pointon Trustee/Headteacher 13/04/2019 Headteacher St. Giles’ & St. George’s
Mrs Helen Booth Staff Trustee 22/06/2020 21/06/2024 Employee St. Giles’ & St. George’s
Mrs Emma Sale Staff Trustee 08/03/2017 08/03/2021 Employee St. Giles’ & St. George’s

Trustee Attendance for Academic Year 2019 – 2020

    Finance, Audit and Resorces Full governing board Finance, Audit and Resources Finance, Audit and Resorces Full governing board Full governing board
Governor Governor Type 16 Sep 2019 07 Oct 2019 18 Nov 2019 20 Jan 2020 27 Jan 2020 22 Jun 2020
Mr Martin Alcock Member Present Present Present Present Present Present
Revd Martin Ball Foundation Director Present Present Present Present Present Present
Miss Victoria Boon (resigned 30th April 2020)    N/A Present N/A N/A x x
Stacey  Boreham Director  N/A x  N/A N/A Present Present
Mrs Michelle Elden Associate Member Present Present Present Present Present Present
Rob Gradwell (new appointment 7/10/2019) Foundation Director N/A  N/A N/A N/A Present Present
Mr Emilio Lopez Director Present Present Present Present Present  Present
Alex  Nisbeck Director N/A Present N/A N/A Present Present
Revd Joshua Penduck (new appointment 08/07/2019) Foundation Director N/A x N/A N/A Present  X
Catherine  Pointon Headteacher  Present Present Present Present Present Present
Mrs Amanda Roche Parent governor N/A Present N/A N/A N Present
Helen Booth (new appointment 22/06/2020 Staff (Teacher) Governor N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Present
Emma Sale Staff (Support) Governor  N/A Present N/A N/A Present Present
Mrs Carole Stone Clerk   Present   Present Present Present