Year 6 Topic


During the first part of the Autumn term, Y6 have studied WW1. We learned a great deal about all aspects of the war, including:

  • Outbreak of war
  • Key battles
  • Life in the trenches
  • Letters / diaries of the soldiers
  • How animals were used
  • Dazzle designs of the battleships
  • Chronological understanding of key events
  • How the war finally ended
  • Remembrance

The second half of autumn term, Year 6 studied WW2. Their main history study looked at the following:

  • Why did WW2 start?
  • The battle of Britain
  • The spitfire
  • Reginald Mitchell’s life
  • How Newcastle contributed to Britain’s success in WW2

A big part of this term’s study focused on Reginald Mitchell; our local hero! The pupils of Year 6 looked at his influence on WW2 and his lasting legacy in our local area.



In the first half of the Spring term Year 6 studied classification and adaptation. The children carried out an exciting yeast investigation, putting their maths skills to use, and enjoyed completing Literacy work linked to Skellig and Julius Caesar


In Spring 2 we will be looking at the adventures of Charles Darwin.