Year 6 Topic



During the first part of the Autumn term, Y6 will study WW1. We will learn a great deal about all aspects of the war, including:

  • Outbreak of war
  • Key battles
  • Life in the trenches
  • Letters / diaries of the soldiers
  • How animals were used
  • Dazzle designs of the battleships
  • Chronological understanding of key events
  • How the war finally ended
  • Remembrance

The second half of autumn term, Year 6 will study WW2. Their main history study looks at the following:

  • Why did WW2 start?
  • The battle of Britain
  • The spitfire
  • Reginald Mitchell’s life
  • How Newcastle contributed to Britain’s success in WW2

A big part of this term’s study will focus on Reginald Mitchell; our local hero!