Year 4 Writing

These are the writing skills that your child will be focusing on this year:


  • Use paragraphs to organise writing and group ideas together.
  • Identify the target audience and adapt writing style to fit.
  • Plan, proof-read and edit writing.
  • Use a range of vocabulary to catch the attention of the reader.
  • Self-assess my own writing using targets.
  • Proof read writing for spelling and grammar errors.
  • Use the correct form of the verb inflection e.g. we were instead of we was.
  • Use adverb phrases e.g. Later that day, I heard the bad news.
  • Use a mixture of pronouns and nouns to avoid repetition.
  • Use inverted commas to indicate direct speech.
  • Use apostrophes correctly to show plural possession.
  • Use a comma after an adverbial at the beginning of a sentence. E.g. Later that day, we heard the good news.
  • Understand the terms: determiner, pronoun, possessive pronoun and adverbial.


Year 4 Spelling Log 


Here is a copy of the spellings that your child will be working on this year:



The Spiderwick Chronicles

To start our writing based on our class text The Spiderwick Chronicles, the children designed and made goblin heads using clay. They looked at a range of goblins, drew their favourite features and then sketched a final idea for their piece. The heads took around 3 hours to make in groups and allowed the children to demonstrate a lot of skills they have learnt. The next step in the process is to get the heads fired, hopefully they will stay in one piece!


Here are some useful website links for extra practice and guidance in all areas of English: