Year 4 Reading

These are the skills your child will be working on this year in Reading:


  • Read and discuss a wide range of fiction, poetry, plays and non-fiction.
  • Use a dictionary to check the meaning of words.
  • Retell books, fairy stories, myths and legends.
  • Discuss types of poetry and exciting words/phrases.
  • Ask questions and discuss complicated texts in a group.
  • Infer how a character is feeling and thinking based on evidence from the text.
  • Predict what will happen next using the text.
  • Summarise events using themes from paragraphs.
  • Understand how the layout of a text adds to the meaning.
  • Retrieve factual information from non-fiction texts over a variety of subjects.


Although children of this age often like to read on their own, you can support your child’s reading by discussing the books that they bring home and checking their understanding. You could ask questions about the plot, the characters and the author’s choice of language and layout, for example. They have each made their own bookmark with some examples of some questions you can ask them on the back.

Please encourage your child to read regularly, and sign their Learning Journal whenever they read. We award Reading Merits to children who have read at home at least three times a week.


Thank you for your support.