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Miss Thurley

Mrs Mann

Miss Begley

Welcome to Nursery, where there is one class, taught by Miss Thurley and supported by Mrs Mann and Miss Begley. Our first topic, in the Autumn, is Nursery Rhymes. You can find our weekly timetable and curriculum overviews below.

Weekly Timetable

Below is an example of a typical day in Nursery.

8.45: Registration

9.05: PenPals handwriting practise

9.20: Teacher input for reading, writing or maths

9.30:  Adult led groups for reading, writing or maths and continuous provision activities

10.15: Communication and language session

10.25: Snack and social time

10.45: Phonics

11.00: Adult led groups for reading, writing or maths and continuous provision activities

11.45: Morning children go home/ Lunch for children staying all day.

1.00: Topic session/PE (this could have a PSHCE, RE, expressive arts or understanding of the world focus)

2.35: Tidy up time

2.45: Whole Class Reading

3.05: Prayers and organisation ready for home

3.15: Home time

Nursery will take part in PE sessions, but do not need a PE kit.

Home Learning

Home Learning Overview to be used if self isolating (Nursery)

There are lots of ways to help your child get ready for nursery. Here are some key skills you could practise at home together.
  • Following simple instructions, such as to collect or put away an object.
  • Asking simple questions and talking in sentences.
  • Kicking and catching a large ball.
  • Holding and using a pencil to make marks.
  • Moving in different ways, such as hopping, jumping and running.
  • Taking turns when playing games together.
  • Using the toilet and washing and drying your hands.
  • Putting on your coat and shoes.
  • Talking about stories you have read.
  • Saying some number names in order.
  • Playing counting and number games.
  • Talking about people who are special to you.
  • Talking about what you see around you.
  • Creating sounds and singing songs.
  • Playing make-believe games by pretending.